Do you experience seasonal depression or the winter blues?

Do you experience lower energy levels, weight gain, fatigue, interrupted sleep and irritability?

If you just don’t feel like yourself during Winter and Autumn, or you work long hours and don’t see much sunlight - you may be like many others and suffer from seasonal depression. Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D., is a real problem for those who are susceptible to the effects of reduced natural sunlight, it can cause lethargy, weight gain and other problems. And for years, most people who suffered from seasonal depression couldn’t do anything about it - until now.....

Reduce Seasonal Depression with a Sunbox (Light Box Therapy). Just 30 minutes twice a day with one of our light boxes can reduce and even eliminate the effects of S.A.D. Light box therapy is a safe, effective proven way to help those with S.A.D. feel normal and live their lives to the fullest.


Add sunshine to your day


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